OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer Products

We offer the OEM service of developing and manufacturing your private label with the same standards and quality of our ZIG branded products.

Why Choose Kuretake for OEM?

  1. Wide color and performance selection of inks
  2. AP High Safety approval rating
  3. Quality Control following ISO-9001 Quality Management System Certified
  4. High Quality – “Made in Japan”
  5. Continuous support and collaboration – planning, delivery and on-going service


In addition to our expertise with writing instruments, our Technology Development team is continuously developing products for industrial application and use.

We possess years of experience in the field of particle dispersion technology, controlling particle size from nanometer to millimeter dependent on product requirement.

Our technology is based around environmental friendly water based solvents as an alternative to oil based solvents to achieve low VOC emission, promoting sustainable living with a low impact on the ecology.

Applicator of Pens

We also develop pen applicators and containers.

In addition, Kuretake offers a variety of technical services including development of ink or pen containers according to our customers’ requirement. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Our high quality technology is not only dispersion of pigment, but also dispersion of various particles.

Electro conductive ink

This is a carbon black-based ink featuring excellent conductive property, which is suitable for modifier of electronic components.

Heating sheet

Carbon black possesses an excellent electric conductive property. In the past, it was quite difficult to be evenly painted for utilizing this property, but our dispersion liquid of carbon black can be easily painted on a sheet or penetrated into a fabric evenly, so it can be applied to development of electro conductive sheets.

Snow melting agent

Our "SR BLACK" series is a snow melting agent for farms or golf courses based on dispersion liquid of carbon. They provide highly effective melting of snow when sprinkled with diluted liquid on the snow. This is easy to handle and harmless.