Memory System®

The ZIG Memory System is designed for scrapbooking, journaling and cardmaking with water-based pigment ink to preserve treasured memories.


  • Wink of Luna Brush® Metallic Ink Brush Pen

    Not only are these metallic brush pens perfect for lettering, papercrafting, and stamping, they are also wonderful on both light and dark colored paper.

  • Wink of Stella® Brush 16colors Glitter Brush Pen

    Add a touch of glitter to craft and rubber stamp projects with no mess!

  • Calligraphy 48colors

    Ideal for writing calligraphy and lettering.

  • 2 WAY GLUE

    Unique glue pens with two distinct bond types. Blue when applied for a permanent bond with light pressure. Let dry and fade to clear for a removable tacky bond.



Scrapbooking is a fun and creative craft for preserving memories. Customizing scrapbooks with personal handwritten notes and creative titles adds a fun element to the timeless hobby. Scrapbooking has become a social activity of creating beautiful memory books in a pleasurable, colorful, and interesting way while also spending time with family and friends. It allows one to preserve memories for future generations to enjoy.

Use the page title to convey the story behind the pictures to follow.

Journaling adds a personal touch that describes or accents the photographs on a scrapbook page.
Write whatever you wish - make it simple or complicated. Express your individuality through your work.

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