ZIG Cartoonist MANGAKA

What is ZIG Cartoonist MANGAKA?

Mangaka pens are ideal for all-purpose use such as drawing, sketching, lettering, journaling and more! The ink will not bleed when used with alcohol-based markers and watercolor after the pen line has completely dried. The black Mangaka offers seven options of nib sizes and also offers two flexible nibs. The color Mangaka come in a variety of nib sizes and are available in 4 colors. The smallest pen size is 0.03mm.

CNM-003-010 CNMF-010

Color & Size Chart

Color & Size Chart

How to use Gray&Lt.Blue

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How to use Gray

Gray can be utilized when drawing details or main lines on white illustrations, such as wrinkles on white clothes.
Due to the subtlety of the gray tone, the wrinkles are less noticeable the than if a darker color were used, which helps to balance the illustration.


How to use Lt.Blue

The light blue MANGAKA ink does not show up when copied, therefore it is useful for drafting projects.

*Adjusting print density might be required.