Background of ZIG CLEAN COLOR DOT development

<Chapter 1:ZIG Memory System Dotta・Riffic>

ZIG Memory System Dotta・Riffic ZIG Memory System Dotta・Riffic

In 2001, Kuretake released "ZIG Memory System Dotta・Riffic" to the international market, a product which had the same application as our new ZIG CLEAN COLOR DOT. The elasticity of the pen tip combined with downward pressure to create dots made this dot pen very popular, especially in the US.
The diameter of the pen body of Dotta・Riffic was 24mm with a dot pen tip that was also quite big.
Due to the special process that allows users to easily press the pen tip, thus creating varying dot sizes, this Dotta・Riffic pen has been patented. (Patent # 3527912)



The renewed version of Dotta・Riffic comes with the release of the new ZIG CLEAN COLOR DOT. Even though the method of manufacturing the pen tip is different between the Dotta・Riffic and ZIG CLEAN COLOR DOT, we created the same feeling and characteristics of the pen tip by selecting the materials very carefully. The materials used for ZIG CLEAN COLOR DOT are rich in elasticity, have good flexibility and are able to express delicate, thin line as well as strong, thick lines, so they are often used for eye cosmetics. This is the first time in the stationary industry that these materials are processed into the innovative round shape for stationery use. In addition, the body of ZIG CLEAN COLOR DOT has a diameter of 12 mm, and so is as thin as most other stationary products, making it easier to carry in a pencil case. ZIG CLEAN COLOR DOT has an array of 12 bright, pop colors.
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