Fude Pen

Kuretake launched its first brush pen in 1973, continuing to expand the line with each product having unique features for a variety of use. The brush pen is most commonly used for calligraphy, lettering, sketching, outlining, inking illustrations and ink washing.


  • Bimoji Fude Pen Water-based Pigment Ink [ Japanese : “Beautiful Lettering Brush-pen”]

    Bimoji: Beautiful Lettering. Designed to imitate the aesthetics and weight of the traditional calligraphy brush.

  • Letter Pen COCOIRO Extra Fine Tip : Water-based Dye Ink Brush Tip : Water-based Dye Ink Ballpoint Tip : Water-based Pigment Ink

    COCOIRO is derived from the Japanese words, “COCORO” - Heart and “IRO” - Color.
    COCOIRO is designed to customize the body, ink and tip to ones personal style or the “color of your heart”.

  • Fudegokochi Water-based Pigment Ink (LS1)  Water-based Dye Ink (LS4, LS5)

    A great brush pen for beginners. Looks like a pen but writes like a brush.

  • Nihondate Kabura(No.55) Water-based Dye Ink

    Double-sided hard and soft brush tip pen for lettering, outlining and inking illustration.

  • Fude Pen Mouhitsu Takujo(No.8) Water-based Dye Ink

    Fine synthetic brush tip creates thick and thin lines. Create thick and thin lines with ease. Perfect for sketching, inking and wash drawing.
    Refill ink cartridge (DAN105-99H) available.

  • Fountain Brush Pen(No.13) Water-based Dye Ink

    Our very popular No.13 has a fine synthetic brush tip to create a wide range of lines. Water-based dye ink refill cartridge (DAN105-99H) and brush head replacement (DAM1-999) are available.
    Set includes: fountain brush pen and 3 ink refill cartridges.

  • Brush Pen No.22/No.24 Water-based Pigment Ink

    Refill ink cartridge(DAN101-99) is available.

    Medium brush tip with refillable ink cartridge. Water-based Pigment Ink.

    Small brush tip with refillable ink cartridge. Water-based Pigment Ink.

  • Fudebiyori Metalic® Water-based Pigment Ink 9Meallic colors

    Popular brush pen with a metallic sheen.

  • Wink of Stella Brush® 16colors
  • Clean Color Real Brush 90colors
  • Bimoji Cambio

    New technology for smooth-flowing and effortless writing. You don't have to press on the main body, the proper amount of ink flows naturally.

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