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Established in 1902 as a sumi ink stick manufacturer in Japan, Kuretake has grown in
to a brand of quality artist tools for fine arts, illustration, graphic design, paper crafts,
scrapbooking and signage.

Established in 1902 OUR Origins are rooted in 'sumi'
  1. 1958 Bokuteki

    Bokuteki Japanese
    Liquid Sumi Ink

  2. 1963 Marking Pen

    Development of the felt tip marking pen

  3. 1973 Fude Brush Pen

    Kuretake becomes
    an established
    Brand in Japan

  4. 1985 Posterman®

    ZIG Posterman Chalk Marker

  5. 1996 Memory System

    ZIG Memory System - Scrapbooking

  6. 1998 Etegami®

    Etegami Product Line

  7. 2012 Cartoonist®

    ZIG Cartoonist

  8. 2014 Kaleidolines®

    Introduce Kaleidolines Concept and Product Line

  9. 2015 Decoupage Pla-Ban

    Decoupage Product Line

    Introduce Pla-ban
    Concept and Product

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