Company Statement


The Kuretake brand represents the arts and crafts lifestyle with the use of color and shapes. The colors “Black” represents Tradition with “Yellow and Purple” representing Innovation of brushes, pens and paints to support our customer artistic lifestyle. The shapes of circle, square and triangle represent the creation of arts and crafts.

“ZIG” is a registered trademark owned by Kuretake Co., Ltd.
ZIG products are made in Japan.
ZIG products are sold in over 80 countries world-wide.

Greeting from President

Ichiro Nishitani
President, Kuretake Co., Ltd.


Kuretake was founded in Nara Japan in 1902 as an ink manufacturer, and in 2022 will celebrate its 120th anniversary.

Even now, at our headquarters in Nara, we carry out all sequences of product creation from product planning and design, manufacturing, and quality control testing. Kuretake also organizes and personally ships products consistently, providing safe, secure delivery of our excellent products to everyone around the world.

Kuretake's mission is to enrich lives through the development of great products, contributing to the development of education and culture. We will continue to expand the Kuretake brand name around the world.

Through such practices at a business and corporate level, we want to contribute to the enrichment of our customers' lives, and expand the fields of culture and art.

Today, new lifestyles, markets, economies, and societies are emerging. All companies around the world, including Kuretake, are under pressure to change and adapt.

For more than 100 years since it's founding, Kuretake has consistently made products with it's root ideas in the "warmth of writing" and "goodness of handcrafting".

We will pass this spirit down to future generations.

On top of that, we will spare no effort to change and grow with the times, putting "Kuretake for our customers" at the frontline of our standards, meeting the needs of our customers by making products that are safe and reliable, and that customers want to use. As a public institution of society, we will continue to strive to be a company that responds swiftly and accurately to changes in the market and society.